A Brand New Perspective

We deliver a bespoke premium service dedicated to providing visually arresting and engaging virtual tours that are user-friendly, realistic and can be experienced anytime, anywhere.

Our immersive 360 tours allow people to “live” our customers’ bespoke, boutique and unique spaces, products and/or services and feel part of their brand.

We also have over 20 years in graphic and website design so B360 has an eye for detail and expert opinion on how your information needs to be delivered and displayed. We can offer design expertise as an additional service if required to enhance your brand and marketing output.

What We Do

360 Virtual Tours
BLUR 360 use a specialist 3D camera to map internal/external spaces and then these images are stitched together to create a 360 immersive experience including a dolls house and plan view of the scanned space.

These VR tours can have labels added to them and recently there has been rich media integration. This means you could tour a 3D space and load video/image content and have links to sign ups or external sites.

All 3D spaces are hosted on a cloud server so are quick and easy to access, they can all be viewed on desktop, table, mobile and are any compatible VR headsets.

Experience Three Unique Views

Blur Three Sixty creates stunning unique 360 tours of your space that allows the viewer to look at your space in three quick perspectives giving them total control of what they view.


Dolls house View

3D Real View shows how the entire space fits together with its proprietary Dollhouse view.


360 Internal View

3D Real View allows a buyer to feel like they are actually moving through a space.


Floor plan view

3D Real View automatically generates a floor plan view on every space scanned.

Who We Work With

We work with a variety of brilliant companies and cater for different business sectors. So long as there is an internal space to scan then we can create a virtual 360 tour in a creative way to showcase your brand or wow existing and potential clients.  

Blur Three Sixty works with 

  • Residential & Commercial Property
  • Hospitality
  • Retail
  • Event Hire
  • Museum & Gallery
  • Yachting
  • Show Rooms
  • Lifestyle & Fashion
  • Charities
  • Gyms

    … to name a few.

Regardless of industry background, we are confident that we can create a stunning 360 virtual tour to compliment your business.

Blur 360 Benefits

The benefits of Blur 360 are clear. It’s visually arresting, totally immersive and a cutting edge way for your customers to explore your brand or space virtually.

Marketing Stand Out

A sophisticated marketing tool, not a mass market solution that makes a brand stand out and intensifies its perceived value.


3D & Virtual Reality are the cutting edge and future of marketing techniques, resonating with a creative and modern image of a business.


Case studies show that the interactive aspect of this new media channel, leads to continued engagement and consequently extensive exposure to a brand.

Emotional Bridge

By offering a truly immersive experience, customers can really visualise themselves in your space and build an emotional connection with your brand.

Saving Time

Especially for international or high profile clients where time is indispensable, everything can be available 24/7, no need to spend unproductive time to travel or on the phone.

Customer focus

By offering a realistic experience, bespoke businesses can provide an accurate understanding and manage customer expectations more efficiently.


We respect the need for discretion in certain situations and have a strict privacy policy on content when required by our customers.


Mobile and Virtual Reality friendly content, which is straightforward to use, easy to add to any web page and can be shared privately or on social media.