About Blur Three Sixty

BLUR 360
 is a VR media company using cutting-edge 3D and Virtual Reality technology to showcase and share our clients’ unique identities in a compelling way.

We create 360° virtual tours for events, construction, architecture, school/nurseries, hotels, bars/clubs and holiday villas. We are London/Kent based but can provide an international service.

We deliver a bespoke premium service dedicated to providing visually arresting and mindfully engaging virtual tours that are effective, user-friendly and realistic and can be experienced anytime, anywhere. Our immersive tours allow people to “live” our customers’ bespoke, boutique and unique spaces, products and/or services and feel part of their brand.

What We Do

360 Virtual Tours
BLUR 360 use a specialist 3D camera to map internal/external spaces and then these images are stitched together to create a 360 immersive experience including a dolls house and plan view of the scanned space.

These VR tours can have labels added to them and recently there has been rich media integration. This means you could tour a 3D space and load video/image content and have links to sign ups or external sites.

All 3D spaces are hosted on a cloud server so are quick and easy to access, they can all be viewed on desktop, table, mobile and are any compatible VR headsets.


B360 will come and scan your space at an agreed time and date thats suits you. We will usually give an estimate to how long we think it will take.

Edit & Process

We will then edit and process your 3D space and aim to delivery back no later than 24hours.

Share & Explore

You will be able to embed and share  your 3D space space through your marketing channels.

Analyse & Insight

B360 give full insight and data analyse on 3D tours

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